About Us

Who we are

Metamako is a technology company that specialises in solutions for latency sensitive businesses. It was founded by Scott Newham, Dave Snowdon and Charles Thomas who have a background in ultra-low latency hardware, software and algorithmic trading.

Our engineering team brings together a wealth of skills and experience in digital hardware design (Boards, FPGA,  ASIC), PCB design, embedded software (kernel, drivers, applications), low-level networking and full product lifecycle from design to manufacturing and support.

Metamako is headquartered in the harbour city of Sydney, Australia. Our location gives us a global perspective across Europe, America and Asia, and the sunny location rubs off on the attitude our people. 

A need to be different

The key to what we do is in being agile, highly effective and responsive so that we can bring products to market within a very short cycle, that provide you with a competitive edge as well as making your job easier.

At Metamako, there are no silos that separate our people. Every member of the team is connected to our R&D, product development, sales and support. We use our own products internally and ensure that our engineering team communicates with you, the customer, to understand your needs and experience of our products. 

We take ownership of our products and service because it cements our relationship with you and underpins your desire to keep doing business with us.

Competitive edge

Metamako understands the competitive edge that our customers are after. We also appreciate that well designed products make your job easier and provide a foundation for constant improvement. 

MetaConnect, our 4 nanosecond packet-aware layer 1 switch is the epitome of that approach and is being followed by the next generation of network communication technology.