55 nanosecond packet aggregation

MetaMux is a software application designed for the MetaApp and MetaMux family of switches performing multiplexing/aggregation in 55 ns. This makes it extremely useful for connecting trading machines directly to exchanges as well as tapping and aggregating timestamped packets.

When using aggregation, packets can be multiplexed from many to one in as little as 55 ns assuming no congestion, otherwise the packets are queued. That is less than half of the latency and much more deterministic, compared with the best conventional switches. 

MetaMux’s hybrid approach gives the best of both worlds – negligible latency where possible and the fastest multiplexing when required. If you demand the lowest latency, with the most flexibility then MetaMux is the solution. For the measured latency performance of MetaMux on the M48E, click here.

Features and Benefits

Fast multiplexing Aggregate streams from multiple sources into a single stream for hand-off to exchanges, microwave links, or WAN links. Configurable as many N:1 multiplexers.
TAP Aggregation Leverage MetaWatch to aggregate links more efficiently than using optical taps and aggregation switches. 
Deterministic Know and rely upon your system's latency for fairness, or to get the best execution environment for all your orders. Without contention MetaMux aggregation latency varies by +/- 7 ns.