Data Capture & Analytics

MetaWatch is a powerful application designed for Metamako's high performance hardware which simplifies network data capture, monitoring and analytics. It combines several components of a traditional network monitoring solution into one powerful device:

  • Tapping
  • Tap Aggregation
  • Deep Buffering
  • Nanosecond Timestamping
  • Time Synchronisation


MetaWatch provides all of these features with virtually no impact on the monitored network performance, and enabling a seamless hand off to storage and analytics tools. MetaWatch is a pre-packaged, qualified, calibrated solution, giving customers confidence that they are capturing and timestamping all data on the network. MetaWatch replaces: 

  • 30 passive optical taps;
  • an aggregation and timestamping switch;
  • media converters, patch panels, and all other Layer 1 switch use cases.

Deep Buffering

Dependable capture

Data flow is unpredictable, and relentless. Spikes in network traffic result in microbursts. This is a particular problem for most aggregation switches and capture solutions since they are deliberately over-subscribed – MetaWatch brings 300G ingress down to 2x10G egress. In other tap/aggregation/capture solutions, spikes in traffic overwhelm the available buffer capacity and result in lost packets – a huge problem when building a reliable capture solution.

To cater for large spikes in traffic, MetaWatch's implements an advanced deep buffering capability. Data is buffered in up to 32GB of hardware within the switch, for later delivery to a capture device. Not only this, but MetaWatch implements industry-standard IEEE flow control, allowing downstream capture appliances to "push back" using the MetaWatch deep buffer to regulate the rate at which traffic is delivered. This is called "Lossless Ethernet". It means that you can further aggregate MetaWatch packets through an Ethernet network, or avoid packet drops in your analytics solution.

Each MetaWatch application contains two MetaWatch instances:

MetaWatch Deep Buffering

The benefits of MetaWatch with deep buffering are: 

  • absorb microbursts and over-subscription over an extended period;
  • avoid packet loss due to analytics solutions' performance; 
  • monitor more connections with the same simple device while maintaining reliability; 
  • depend on your capture to contain all packets; 
  • capture and analysis devices connected to egress ports can consume packets at a rate they can digest rather than the maximum rate the port can deliver.

No need to continuously upgrade capture or analytics platforms to match growing data traffic demands.

Precision Timestamping

Dependable timing

Timing is critical in today's financial, cloud, security and HPC monitoring systems. In finance, when trades are being won and lost based on nanoseconds, it is important to be able to measure time accurately. In recent years, timing and time synchronisation has been recognised as key to financial market transparency by regulators in implementing the European MiFID II regulations, and the US equivalent expected to move to similarly strict rules. ( >> Download our "MiFID II - Timestamping" Brief)

Metamako holds itself to higher standards – understanding the timing of events in trading systems is critical to success. In many areas, financial markets included, nanoseconds are the difference between success and failure. 

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."


Metamako leverages MetaWatch where nanoseconds matter; as a tool to benchmark its exchange facing solutions with average latency of 69ns.

Optional oven-controlled Oscillator (OXCO) or Rubidium Oscillator (Rb) upgrades provide improved oscillator stability and holdover capability.


Work with partners

MetaWatch adds information to each packet to record time and other metadata. Several different analytics and capture products can ingest these timestamps off the shelf. 

MayStreet MayStreet delivers advanced market access and data analytics technology. Metamako devices allow taps, capture and timestamping to be reliably aggregated into MayStreet applications.
Velocimetrics   Velocimetrics provide data analytics dashboards in real-time. Metamako devices allow taps, capture and timestamping to be reliably aggregated into Velocimetrics appliances.
Corvil   Corvil provides a streaming machine-time analytics platform. Metamako allows for many ports to be aggregated into a single Corvil appliance, while integrating tapping, aggregation and synchronisation functionality.
Wireshark   Wireshark is a free open-source tool and widely-used network protocol analyzer. Metamako devices allow for timestamping metadata to be aggregated into WireShark. (Requires latest stable release)