Capture Everything

MetaWatch is an application designed for the MetaMux and MetaApp family of low-latency switches which simplifies the infrastructure for data capture and analytics. It does this by converging many components into one — tapping, aggregation, buffering, timestamping and synchronisation. It allows for high resolution ingress timestamping, insertion of metadata and data manipulation providing a seamless hand off to storage and analytics platforms. 

MetaWatch compliments the high performance hardware design of Metamako switches and can provide all of these features with virtually no impact to pass through latency. MetaWatch provides a pre-packaged and pre-tested solution so that customers can have confidence that they are capturing and timestamping all data on the network for compliance, regulatory commitments or back-testing.

Features and Benefits

Built in tapping Save rack space and eliminate the need for unreliable, expensive and complex cabling by eliminating the need for optical taps. 
Stream Aggregation Aggregate streams from multiple sources into a single stream for efficient hand off to data capture and analytics devices.
High-resolution ingress timestamping Timestamp at nanosecond level resolution with better than 5 ns accuracy.  PPS, PTP and NTP support.
Industry standard timestamp formats Supports standard timestamp formats expected by many existing capture and analytics solution to reduce integration effort.
Deep buffering Leverage the onboard device memory to buffer up to 8GB on MetaMux and 32GB on MetaApp to guarantee no packet loss during peaks.
Low latency By using Metamako’s matrix switch features there is virtually no impact to pass-through data stream latency at 5 ns - equivalent to a meter of fibre!
Port stamping Know which port each packet arrived at by appending metadata to the packet.
Output port selection Decide which ports are aggregated and which are used for output to maximize the device flexibility.
Packet based inspection and labeling Filter based on IP, VLAN and take each data stream so you are only capturing what is important to you.
Truncation Reduce the overall burden of capture by truncating packets before delivery to storage or analytics device.

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