MetaMux 48K

A Versatile 48 Port Application Switch

MetaMux 48K is a versatile application switch. It is optimised to run MetaWatch, a tap-aggregation and high-resolution timestamping solution with deep buffering, but may also be configured to perform layer 1 switching in only 5 ns, multiplexing/aggregation in 99 ns or filtering at 95 ns.  As MetaMux 48K has an on-board Xilinx Virtex 7 FPGA it can also be used as a deployment platform for third party or custom developed FPGA applications.

MetaMux is built on the same foundation as MetaConnect, so its layer 1 features include dynamic patching, tapping, one-to-many replication, media conversion and packet statistics. That means the delay on downstream packets is barely detectable and makes it a much simpler and cost effective solution than using optical taps and aggregation switches.

MetaMux’s hybrid approach gives the best of both worlds – negligible pass through latency, high resolution timestamping for instrumentation and deep buffering to ensure no packets are dropped.

Why use MetaMux 48K?

  • TAP aggregation - funnel your tapped ports into a single stream;
  • Packet filtering at 95 ns
  • Fast multiplexing (many to one) with half the latency of the best conventional switches:
  • Layer 1 performance of MetaConnect:

Features and Benefits


One device; different applications Can be configured in tap-aggregation (MetaWatch), multiplexing (MetaMux) or filtering (MetaFilter) modes. Can be used as a platform to host custom developed FPGA applications.
Tap aggregation with deep buffering Tap, timestamp and aggregate up to 30 ports into a pair of output ports with 8GB egress buffer.
Fast 32:1 multiplexing Aggregate streams from multiple sources into a single stream for hand-off to exchanges, microwave links, or WAN links. Also configurable as many N:1 multiplexers.
Integrated layer 1 switching Patching, media conversion, tapping, replication, packet statistics. Wire-once and remotely reconfigure to reduce visits to the data centre. Use Layer 1 broadcast to implement a return path with a latency of just 5 ns and virtually no jitter.
Port Mirroring Replaces taps to monitor or share feeds such as market-data with full regeneration and no additional overhead.
Deterministic Know and rely upon your system's latency. Traffic passes through at 5 ns.
Flexible SFP/SFP+ support

Allows the use of less expensive modules, including twin-ax copper cables, that are boosted by MetaMux's high performance signal recovery and regeneration.

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