MetaConnect does away with the need to have separate network tap devices in your rack to monitor or broadcast communications. The problems with separate tapping devices are that they are disruptive to install and manage and they do not scale. Non-regenerative taps can result in signal attenuation and both types may introduce a point of failure. MetaConnect's fabric uses a crosspoint switch to dynamically configure the interconnects between inputs and outputs. You can go from tapping a single input for monitoring purpose through to tapping to all ports to fully replicate and broadcast your data. You get full signal regeneration on input and output at just 4ns latency combined with the reliability of redundant power supplies and fans. More details are provided in our explanations of scalable broadcast, circuit breakers and timestamping.

If you do a lot of tapping, make sure you check out our blog article regarding the cost savings and performance improvement that is possible using MetaConnect.